Your Points & Status Explained

Every month, we’re giving away a pair of General Admission tickets to a Grand Prix of your choice including Paddock Access. *

You’ll receive points for everything you do on F1 Fan Voice, and the more points you have, the greater your chance of being the lucky winner!

It’s very simple: 1 point = 1 prize draw entry.

How points are earned

You can earn points for all your interactions on F1 Fan Voice. Different activities and their associated points values are shown below.

From time to time we may add other activities for you to take part in, and each time we’ll tell you how many points these will be worth.

Your points total will automatically reset each month, ready for earning towards the new prize draw.

Your community status

Your community status tells you how active you are on F1 Fan Voice versus other members. Your status takes into account your activity levels across the last 3 months, and also that of the other members.

F1 Fan Voice has five different status levels:

World Champion – most active: top 1%
Race winner – top 10%
Podium finisher – top 25%
Point scorer – top 50%
Race finisher – everyone else

Your community status can fall if your activity levels drop, or, if the activity levels of other members increases above that of yours.

You will be able to see your current community status next to any forum or blog comments you leave on F1 Fan Voice or alternatively, you can check your status on your public profile .

For more information on how F1 Fan Voice works, please visit our FAQs page.